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SELLING  IN LAS VEGAS                                      

Selling could be a very stressful process and it’s important to have a knowledgeable and experienced Real Estate professional who will put more money in your pocket at close of escrow. In case of a Short Sale, your Trusted Realtor should help you to get a full release of the lien and work to provide you any seller’s incentive, if any, offered by the bank. If you want to know the actual value of your home, the expenses associated to the sale and your net amount, contact us .

What’s the process to sell a house?

–         Analyze the different variables to set the sales price of your home. You have to consider the original purchase price, any upgrades, time frame to get the property sold, expectations of profit, market value; and finally you’ll be able to set a competitive price to sell your home.

–          A Comparative Market Analysis is a key factor to know your competitors, their weaknesses, strengths and how to counteract them. Want to get the top dollar for the purchase of your home, click here

–          If your house is worth less than your original loan amount, you need to know about the pre-foreclosure alternatives, such as short sale, and lien holder’s incentives to close the transaction. Call the Certified Distressed Property Expert at 702 858 8070. Educate yourself to choose the right Realtor and learn about commission, common interest community transfer fees, real estate transfer fees, SID’s/LID’s proration, escrow and title fees, closing costs, seller’s contributions, repairs, home protection plan, buyer’s contingencies, appraisal contingency, among others.

–          When having equity in your home, getting an appraisal report is a good option. However, keep in mind that if the buyer gets financing, his/her appraisal report might supersede yours.

–          Get a preliminary title report to find the possible liens that will impact the net amount. Your trusted Real Estate Agent can provide it at the listing appointment

–          Interview a couple of agents and choose a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent that is willing to communicate promptly and frequently. If you want a confidential listing appointment, call us at 702 858 8070

–          Ask for a profit and loss estimate, so you could calculate your net amount

–          Find out about a successful marketing plan that will allow your home to be sold for the highest amount of money in the shortest period of time. It’ll include internet exposure, social media, MLS exposure, printed material, portfolio of potential buyers/investor, etc.

–          Sign your listing agreement with the Real Estate Agent that will protect your best interests. Ask about contingencies, your rights and how to cooperate to make the selling process smoother, a real estate team that includes escrow and title company officer, moving company, home warranty firm, etc.

–          Seller’s cooperation is a main factor to accomplish success in the sale of the property. Having the house clean and tidy will generate good impression to the potential buyers, organize your closets, unclutter, buy inexpensive objects to decorate your home, rearrange the furniture to provide more space to the rooms, use feng shui to bring more energy to your home, clean the front and backyard, dust your home thoroughly, light some candles and offer some refreshments.

–          Collaborate to provide access to the house for showings as often as possible. Be friendly with the potential buyer but don’t expose too much information. Passing important details to the potential buyers or buyer’s agent might hinder the negotiation or reduce the offer you’ll receive. If you feel you haven’t taken the right decision in terms of an Agent, you can rescind the contract and hire a knowledgeable Realtor to work for you. Call us for a confidential listing appointment at 702 858 8070

–          Negotiate the offer you receive and consider not only the profit, but the time frame to get the house sold. Ask your Realtor about the current market conditions and the seasonal trend of Las Vegas real estate market in order to send your counter offer or accept an offer.

–          If you have already a fully executed contract signed by both parties, the buyer will start his/her diligence which lasts an average of 5-10 days. Be prepared to provide access for inspection, appraisal (when financing) and keep on having the house in good conditions. When the contingencies are over, start packing and get ready for signing documents at Title Company.

–          The vacancy of the property has to be done in most cases prior to close of escrow. However, your agent can negotiate if you require some more days to leave your home.

–          Have your home in good conditions at the moment of walk through. Many transactions could fall apart if the buyer doesn’t find the house in the same conditions when he/she got in contract.

–          The close of escrow will occur when the buyer’s funds are already in a title company, the monies will be transferred to your account or you can pick up a check from Title Company. The property will be recorded under the new buyer’s name and the new buyer will get his/her new house keys.