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There has never been a better time to invest in Las Vegas. Due to the low purchase prices your property could be paid off in less than you can imagine. A condo, townhouse or single family residence in any area of town will provide more cash flow than any bank, stock or investment form.  Want to find an expert to assist your right away? Contact us


An example of a 2 bedroom condo located in the west area of town is as follows:




What do I need to invest in Las Vegas?


–          Proof of funds in cash purchases (copy of bank statement, CD, among others)

–          Prequalification letter  (last thirty days)


Valuable info for Investors


–           It’s important to know that American entities such as LLC and others can also have financing or buy in cash. You won’t need to go to a title company or pay for the services of a notary in a cash transaction

–           Non-American investors can also buy a house, but keep in mind you’ll have to pay a portion of your profit to the US Government


What’s the process to buy an investment house?



–           Get a prequalification letter: It’s advisable to meet at least two loan officers and get good faith estimates and compare type of loans, interest rates, closing costs, financing fees. This will help you to get different financial scenarios and negotiate the one that fits your needs. Want to contact an expert? CONTACT US

–           Identify different neighborhoods: Location, location, location is the key in real estate. A good location will determine the appreciation of your asset in the short, medium or long term. Select a neighborhood that matches your style of life (sports, nightlife, dining, etc.). To find desirable communities in Las Vegas, SEARCH

–           Find a Realtor that you can trust: Finding a knowledgeable Real Estate agent who listens to your needs and protects your best interest is essential to accomplish your goals. Contact us

–           Look for houses: Searching for a high-rise, midrise, loft, condo, townhouse, residential home or multi-dwelling has never been easier. Click here

–           Select some properties that match your criteria: In today’s market, you need to be open to bid for several properties. Learn from your Real Estate expert about the actual situation of the market considering available inventory, type of sellers and be realistic when you bid; that way you’ll save time and energy.

–           Preview houses: Be prepared to take notes and make questions about conditions of the house, type of financing, type of sale of the property (REO, short sale, and traditional sales), seller’s concessions, and time to close the transaction, contingencies, etc.

–           Ask your Realtor for a comparative market analysis: It’ll help you to determine a competitive price to send an offer and increase your chance to have your offer accepted. Interested in a comparative market analysis, click here HOW MUCH YOUR WORTH HOME IS

–           Sign a contract: Your trusted Realtor will explain different concepts related to purchase of the property, such as earnest money deposit, role of title and escrow companies, contingencies, fees to be prorated, buyers expenses, appraisal value, repairs, home warranty,  walk through, closing costs, close of escrow, recording, etc.

–           Be ready for your due diligence: The due diligence period has been created to protect you as a buyer. You have to be aware about the home inspection, appraisal report, preliminary title report and homeowner’s association package of your future home and their specific time frames. Knowing your rights will save you money and relief lots of stress. We are here to help you CONTACT US

–           Do a walk-through: Many things could happen when you are in contract an especially prior closing the transaction. Properties could get vandalized and you can still back out of the contract. Check the property thoroughly prior signing the closing documents and then authorize the lender to transfer the funds to close the transaction.

–           Order the utility services under your name before closing, that way you won’t interrupt the service and won’t be charged for reinstating it.

–           Get prepared for your closing: Three to five days prior closing the transaction, you’ll sign the loan and escrow documents. You will require two forms of ID and at least 40 minutes for your closing appointment. The next step will be funding, recording the property and finally receiving the keys.


Brand New Houses


If you are concerned about the previous conditions of the houses, or don’t want to deal with repairs or history of homeowners, a brand new home is the best solution. We specialize in brand new houses form the builder. We’ll find out all the available incentives for you and will represent you saving money and stress. If you want to search for new houses, click here